Asset Raising for UCITS Funds

Kepler Partners has raised in excess of $1bn for its client funds from institutions across the UK and Europe, with a particular emphasis in raising money for boutique and alternative investment managers.

Since its formation, Kepler Partners has worked to earn and maintain a reputation for selectivity and due diligence when it comes to partnering with UCITS Funds. With over 70 years' experience, an industry leading fund research team, and an unrivaled due diligence process, we see it as our job to instil investor confidence in the funds we partner with and provide ongoing assessment of management and performance to our investors.

KLS Platform

Kepler Liquid Strategies (KLS) is an Irish UCITS V platform set up to host the highest calibre liquid funds in a UCITS structure.

For more information on the sub funds please visit:

KLS Arete Macro Fund

KLS CDAM Global Opportunities

KLS Lomas US Equity Long Short Fund

KLS Sloane Robinson Emerging Markets

KLS Zebra Global Equity Beta Neutral

UCITS Fund Launch Consultancy

Given our UCITS specialisation Kepler has a detailed working knowledge of what is required to successfully structure and launch a suitable UCITS fund. We offer a consultancy service to fund managers considering a launch which covers regulatory guidelines, structuring options, suitability, optimal domicile etc, as well as being able to provide peer group analyses and guidance on positioning and fundraising. All this is done from a position of independence from any platform, bank, structuring business or regulator.