Fund Marketing

Kepler has been helping clients market their funds since the inception of the business in 2008.

Kepler Partners works with a number of leading investment trusts to raise assets and increase their profile among UK discretionary fund managers and private investors. We understand better than anyone how to engage with the wealth management space throughout the UK and most importantly how this key investor base has evolved over the last 15 years and therefore what that means for any individual fund looking to boost their wealth management shareholder base.

Kepler Trust Intelligence is our website for professional and private investors, offering investment bank quality research which is free to read, providing a valuable resource in the post-MIFID world.

Our websites are updated every week with an analysis of the key issues which face investors, and we provide detailed research on more than 100 investment trusts across a wide range of sectors.

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KLS Funds

Kepler Partners has been active in the UCITS funds space since the company was launched in 2008, with a focus on alternative and specialist boutique investment managers.

In 2016 we launched our UCITS platform, Kepler Liquid Strategies (KLS), with the express aim of partnering with best-in-class investment managers to launch and distribute their UCITS strategies to our network of investors. In 2020 the Corinium Emerging Markets investment team headed by CIO Ed Butchart joined the firm to manage in-house emerging market equity strategies.

Our approach to manager selection is underpinned by a rigorous research process, central to which is our fund database This research database is designed as a central point of reference for both managers and allocators interested in the alternative UCITS universe, and forms a key part of our manager selection and product design process.
To bring our research to life we host a wide range of conferences designed to drive engagement with the buyers of UCITS funds in both the UK and Europe

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